Common Lisp Package: GDL-USER





Lisp object. Sends the <tt>reference-chain</tt> to <tt>self</tt>, which typically means it is used within the context of a define-object where self is automatically lexically bound. :arguments (reference-chain "(&rest). A spliced-in list of symbols naming messages, which can be slots or objects starting from <tt>self</tt>. For referring to elements of a quantified set, or for passing arguments to GDL functions which take arguments, use parentheses around the message name and enclose the quantified element index or function arguments after the message name.") :example This example sends the <tt>length</tt> message to the ``zeroth'' element of the quantified set of arms contained in the body which is contained in the robot which is contained in self: <pre> (the robot body (arms 0) length) </pre>